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Daniel Shulyaev is a speaker, co-founder of international blockchain projects, and he is also a crypto enthusiast, who tries to popularize technology of distributed register not only inside the community, but on a state level as well. In recent years Daniel gained a lot of experience. In 2013 he realized that blockchain industry is our future and as a result project Minex System came into the world. This project represents solutions, that unite financial and blockchain sectors and MinexCoin cryptocurrency is one of the top 100 most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Daniel also contributed to the creation of ULT (Ukrainian Logistic Technology), this project integrates blockchain into the area of logistic services. Daniel currently is engaged in his largest blockchain project - Republia.



Participating in charity projects and understanding huge problems in transparency of financial statements of patrons, Daniel together with his partner from Republia project decided to bring the sphere of charity to a new level, adding detalization to all internal processes. Within the framework of decentralized Republia ecosystem, a fund will be implemented, the purpose of which is to allocate funds (RPB coins) to solve global issues (assistance to victims of environmental disasters, charity etc.) In this way not only decentralized technology will be created, but also the whole network of people, that are united by one common purpose - assistance in solving global issues.



Daniel repeatedly acted as a speaker in the Ukrainian Parliament(Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine), with the purpose of creating legally regulated blockchain environment for the further development of blockchain projects in Ukraine. The topics of his speeches are the prospects of the technology of distributed register, risks related to blockchain systems, development of the necessary legal framework for regulating industry at the state level.

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